Dj Digital Italic (cubicgarden) 

Dj from Manchester UK playing Trance and Tech Trance using nothing more that a Pacemaker Device.

A unforgettable summer in the city mix

View of Manchester city from my garden

Its been one heck of a summer, from the covid19 pandemic, national lockdowns to the protests for #blacklivesmatter. Every once in a while I have been putting out a few mixes under the new album/category of locked down and mixing out. The mixes have been good but I felt they…

The Secluded rave in my head

Looking out the window with headphones

My latest mix is a strange one. While sitting on my sofa trying to stay cool in front of multiple fans during some of the hottest days in Manchester. I busted out the pacemaker device and started to mix. I wasn’t really feeling very happy about the heat, hence this…

Stellar's freedom mix

Looking up into the star filled night sky

Not really had the time to do many mixes in the last few months. I did this one while wondering around the Manchester when the Covid19 lock down was lifted. Its not very long (less than a hour) but its a interesting quick blast through a few newer tunes. Enjoy…

The mayday lockdown night dance

Rave during dusk

Taking some hints from my previous live mix, I decided to make some changes and do another mix influenced by the live mix. Although this time not live, its the perfect volume now. Enjoy the mix which is up to 135 bpm with lots of hands in the air trance…

The mayday rave up in your flat

Lasers at a rave

I present the mayday rave up in your flat live mix. Recorded live while mixing live on R&Dio (our internal R&D radio station) the other day. The volume levels were a bit high sorry, but its not horribly distorted through-out, I had no monitor and the delay at the other…

The underground inception mix

Maze on the London underground

I did this pacemaker mix over 2 separate mini mixes while in London last year. I joined the mix together and walla! you have the underground inception mix. A mixture of tech-trance reflecting the maze of some of the London underground stations. A nice follow on from Quiver in the…